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Civil Law Notary Online – FAQ

Frequently asked questions

Can all legal transactions and declarations be signed online?

With a few exceptions, all documents can be signed online, except eg last wills.

How does it work?

1. Describe your request and we prepare your necessary legal documents.

2. Send us your data sheet for online identification. You find this form here. We then invite you via e-mail to identify you online.

3. After successful completion of the online identification, we invite you to a video conference. During the video conference, your documents will be signed in our secure online data room.

4. After signing we execute your legal matters, also with the responsible authorities.

Do I have to repeat the online identification every time I sign a document?

No, the online identification is only required once. It is comparable to presenting your ID-card.

Do I need a “Handy-Signatur” (mobile phone signature) and how can it be activated?

In order to sign notarial deeds and documents digitally, a valid mobile phone signature is required. If you do not have a mobile phone signature, you will receive one during our online identification process.

What should I do, if I already have a mobile phone signature?

If you have a valid mobile phone signature, there is no need to apply for another one. In this case, you can use your existing mobile phone signature, which is verified during our online identification process.

Please note that, if a new mobile phone signature is issued during our process, this will invalidate your existing one.

As a non-citizen-client, can I sign using an Austrian mobile phone signature?

In the course of our online identification process a Austrian mobile phone signature is created, which can be used by non-citizen-clients.

How do I receive the online signed documents?

After signing we provide you with the documents via e-mail or our secure online data room. The original documents exist exclusively in digital form. That’s why no paper documents are created.

Can notarial deeds be created hybridlike (ie one party signs the deed by hand and the other online)?

As of July 1, 2022, Austrian Law permanently provides the possibility to draw up "hybridlike deeds". In this case, the party physically present before the Civil Law Notary signs the document by hand. Either before or after this, the other party signs online.